When looking to purchase a new executive condo, it is essential that you have a good idea of what you intend to buy. It is easier to evaluate and decide whether you want a condo when it is complete. However the same cannot be said when the condo is incomplete. That being the case, a floor plan becomes essential because it ensures that you have a glimpse of what the complete condo will look like. Floor plans give homebuyers a flattened, two-dimensional Ariel view of the apartment, while still under construction. Additionally, it shows the door, window, structure, plumbing and so forth.
A floor plan is characterized by funny looking symbols, which makes it sometimes difficult to read and interpret. Only a few home buyers will understand and interpret the floor plan correctly. Majority of homeowners can only identify the number of bathrooms and bedrooms from the floor plan. That said here is how to read a floor plan for a new upcoming EC.

Size and dimension

Almost all floor plans are drawn to scale. Additionally, there are those that contain the exact dimensions in millimeters on the side. This type of information is important because it helps and allows the home buyer to estimate the actual size of the condo and each room or unit in it.


Doors are the most critical parts of any house. Understanding and identifying the main entrance of the condo is the key to an easy understanding of the whole unit layout. However, the question to ask yourself is how you identify the main door.
A quarter circle symbolizes doors in a floor plan. Identifying and understanding the door will help you know whether the rooms in the condo are connected in one way or the other. For instance, if a bathroom door opens up into the bedroom, then it is a guarantee that the unit has an en-suite master bedroom. Apart from the quarter circle, there is an arc which identifies the direction in which the door open. It could be inward or outward.


Walls are the easiest features to identify on a floor plan. There are different kinds of walls in a condo. They include structural walls and non- structural walls. Thick bold lines represent structural walls while thin lines represent non-structural walls. Most home buyers prefer to know whether certain walls can be removed safely, in case they want to have an open concept home. It is essential to note structural walls cannot be removed as they support the entire weight of the condo. Non- structural walls, on the other hand, are walls that separate the different rooms in the condo; therefore it is safe to remove them.


A floor plan apart from indicating the size of the condo, it also suggests the shape. Most home buyers prefer a boxy condo because it is easy to set up furniture and appliances, unlike odd shapes.

Floor layout

When buying a new and upcoming executive condo, it is crucial that you understand the EC floor layout. Ensure that the layout fits your desired style. The question here is how are the rooms laid out and do you like it.

Following the above guidelines will help you read and understand a floor plan easily when looking to purchase an EC.