Real estate is a dynamically developing market that attracts many investors and accelerated by the growing demand for affordable and decent homes by people. This requires you to bid more houses, and that’s why many investors are going for loans for building houses and sell or rent to prospective or willing clients. Several investors on the real estate market make a massive fortune out of it hence making it a profitable investment.

Real estate business may be volatile and somewhat hard to predict, but it’s essential to determine a reasonable estimate of the launch costs for setting up a significant property investment regardless of whether it’s a new property price or a new condo price. Real estate investors in the market have a difficult time in determining the amount of a newly built apartment, condo or residential house as they can overestimate or underestimate their built homes. This phenomenon is always observed mainly in new real estate investors. Fortunately, here are a few things to consider when estimating a new launch price:

Land cost

You will require land on which your property will stand, and it comes at a specific cost. In fact, you can spend a lot of money to buy land. The cost of land purchase should be recovered after having the property in place and having set the launching price. Make sure you arrive at the price of the condo, which will retrieve all the money spent on the purchase of land.

Construction cost

You will require a contractor, an architect, casual workers, and other significant workforce to build your property. These employees will be subjects to a salary, which you must take care of. In fact, you have to pay well for them to perform a great job. Besides, construction materials must be purchased when setting up the property. The new launch price should compensate for all costs incurred while building a house for sale. So include this cost when estimating the rate of the condo.

Other expenses are:

Administrative costs

As an investor, you will incur some administrative costs like salaries and wages for the staff (advertisers, managers and service staff) that assisted you in developing this project. These individuals should be well paid to ensure that your real estate business works in the best possible way. All administrative costs to be borne must be taken into account when putting up a new condo price.

Financial costs

Most real estate investors utilize bank loans to fund houses construction. As usual, loans attract interest, which should be paid along with the amount of the loan. When trying to estimate the new launch price, make sure you include the financial costs incurred. The starting price should help to compensate for the loan you took with the interest you attracted. In this way, you can get your money back and eventually start making money on real estate business.

Sales and marketing costs

After building houses, marketing them is needed to start making great sales, and some severe costs are incurred during the promotion of your property. Again, consider that expense when setting a new condo price list to make sure you don’t suffer some loss.


Remember that cheap or expensive launch prices don’t imply good or bad investment because affordable starting price can mean that the developer was much efficient than expensive competitive launching prices. Always consider the above costs when determining the price of your property because they are as vital as your property.